Ad system for student housing for Malmö University. Created together with the phenomenal Niklas Lindblad. hemma.mah.se


Graphic identity and web design.

Arkivcentrum Syd

Graphic identity based on a sculpture in the entrance of thier office.


WordPress programing from design by Stockholm Design Lab. Based on the design I then created av mobile version with focus on the customer on the move – easily finding the closest pharmacy.

Skånes vindkraftsakademi

Web design and WordPress programing. skanesvindkraftsakademi.se

Charming Unit

WordPress programing for Charming Unit.

Rickard Karlberg

Web design and WordPress programing for the artist Rickard Karlberg.


Graphic identity.

Förenade Islamska Förbund i Sverige

WordPress programing based on design from the wonderful Charming Unit.

X-Ray Photo

Design and WordPress programing of the photografer Leif Johansson’s new web portfolio. Smart category filters with live updating of the list without reoloading the page. Made together with Fikon Design. xrayfoto.se


Web design and programing for the housing cooperative Vitruvius homepage. Some of the images are loaded via Instagram so that all residents can upload their own pictures.


Infomercial made together with my friends in Animationsbyrån about bike highways for Copenhagen City. See the movie here. www.cykelsuperstier.dk   Animation: Andreas Qassim Sound: Niklas Ström


WordPress programing from design made by Charmin Unit. campido.se


A one-page-homepage presenting the journal system ProReNata. Check it out and look at the great 3D parallax effect. prorenata.se

Bobbe Big Band

Graphic identity and web design for the great Bobbe Big Band.